About Jubel

JUBEL (Feetje-baby’s big sister) is a Dutch brand for the “girly” girl that sometimes wants to be tough.

The name JUBEL (comes from the verb ju-be-len; Shout for joy*) stands for cheerfulness, joy and positivity. Depending if you’re going to school, going to a party or having a lazy day. We can dress for any occasion !

Delivering two collections each year, divided over three themes per season we offer a wide range of styles. You can create your own look by endless mixing and matching.

All three themes have their own background story which appear in all items.  

 JUBEL is available in sizes 92 up to and including 140.

Twinning?! Available with FEETJE ( sizes 68 – 86)


Summer 2022

For summer 2022, the quirky girls' clothing brand JUBEL launches a collection consisting of three sunny themes, available in sizes 92 to 140.

With the addition of swimwear and a must-have like the new maxi dress, next year's summer collection is more complete than ever.

Deep in the sea! The Mermaid Mambo theme Iets little girls swing in beautiful outfits. Colours such as coral, soft pink and navy alternate with beauti­ful prints in which mermaids and starfish play the leading role.

Could it be a little more pink? Then Birds Of Paradise is the answer: pink, burgundy and violet, combined with trendy ochre and brightly coloured flamingos. 

Lazy summer afternoons on a tropical beach, that's Papaya Punch. Warm red, salmon and white, in one design with papaya, tropical palm trees and a lovely leopard print.

JUBEL's latest summer collection guarantees a festive, cheerful and quirky summer season.

JUBEL (STURDY and FEETJE's pround sister) stands for cheerful, playful and wearable clothes that girls like themselves. Mermaid Mambo, the first part of the new summer collection, will be in shops in January 2022.

a collection that will certainly make you happy!